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Hens Party Games in Auckland

Looking for some great Hens party games ideas for your hens party in Auckland or another part of New Zealand? We are Gobananas can help you out with ideas and also plan your day. Check out our party favourites below, a mix of naughty or nice, so you decide how you want your party to run.
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Pop the Question
Think about all the things you want to know about the bride or better yet think about what you know that you think will be funny for everyone else to know…
What you will need:

  • Enough balloons for everyone to have one each
  • A small piece of paper for every hen
  • A pin for the bride

Give everyone in at the hens party a piece of paper that is small enough to be rolled up and put inside the balloon, take the time to write your carefully thought about question for the bride to be. Once you have decided and written it down, roll it up, put inside the balloon and blow it up. Put all the balloons in the centre of the room, let the bride lose with the pin, whatever balloon she pops she needs to answer the question, if she chooses not to she has to complete a default penalty.
Toilet Paper run way
The most common hens party game out. It’s easy, it’s fun and creates a lot of laughs
What you will need:

  • Rolls and rolls of toilet paper

Divide your party into even teams. Probably best to limit the group size to around 4. Each team will select a model, the rest of the players need to design and create the best wedding dress they can using only toilet paper. Give them a time limit of say 10 minutes and then the models can strut there stuff down the run way while there team mates describe the dress, the inspiration and all the selling points. The Bride can choose the winners.

Ice Cube Melters
Who has the ability to think outside of the square? See who can come up with the most creative way to melt ice cubes.
What you will need:

  • Ice cubes – enough for each team to melt 5 ice cubes each

Split your hens party into groups, it’s up to you how many ladies per team it may depend on how big your group is. You need to select one person to be the referee. To play, the referee hands one ice cube to a team member, it is then up to the team to melt that ice cube using only skin contact – it cannot be put in your mouth or using any external props. Once you have melted your ice cube the referee will hand you the next cube. The first team to melt 5 cubes in the quickest amount of time is the winner. The referee can decide the penalty for the losing teams or the prize for the winners.

Peggy Sue
This is a great hen game that lasts the whole party or for however long you want it to. It is sure to keep everyone on their toes and in stiches laughing.
What you need:

  • A clothes peg

The aim of the game is to get the peg onto an unsuspecting hen without her knowledge. Once you have attached it to her (the trickier the spot the better so think outside the box, eg. Clothes, hair) without her catching you out shout “Peggy Sue” and then begin a countdown from 10-1. Everyone at the hens party then needs to check themselves to ensure they haven’t been caught out. If the hen doesn’t find the peg before the countdown ends then she has to face a penalty at your discretion.
A simple hen game that gets everyone involved and includes chocolate, what more could you want?
What you need:

  • A big bag of maltesers
  • Enough drinking straws for everyone at the hens party
  • A big bowl and a small bowl

Place the bag of maltesers in the big bowl in the middle of the table and watch your hens crowd around. Give everyone a straw, what happens is everyone takes turns to use the straw to suck out as many maltesers as they can in 30 seconds. The Hen with the most maltesers at the end is the winner.

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